Saturday, 18 July 2009


Time has come for disintegration of Pakistan. The question is how long Pakistan shall continue to enjoy its life which is basically USA-given for several political reasons. A country like Pakistan cannot just exist on adhoc-ism. Pakistan must reach to its logical conclusion in the nearest future. The disintegration of Pakistan back in 1971 paved way for the Bengali Muslims to prove their genuine worth that they could run an independent country like Bangladesh without cruel participation of selfish Punjabis. Pakistan´s brutal Punjabi establishment had cornered the Bengali Muslims of the then East Pakistan with criminal intent and jealousy. However, the Bengali Muslims proved that they were much superior than the Punjabis in many ways. Formation of Bangladesh has confirmed that Bengali Muslims were more intelligent, courageous and brave than coward Punjabi army of Pakistan.

It is important that all political forces of Urdu Speaking Nation living in Sindh should realize before its too late that Pakistan´s existence is simply being pushed forward by Americans for certain reasons otherwise Pakistan has already seized its justification to be a country. A failed state like Pakistan has no moral right to remain in existence any longer. It is of great urgency that MQM should realize the need of formation of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR before its too late. The great Urdu speaking nation is also superior than Punjabis and can henceforth prove their worth of running an independent country in similar fashion like the Bengali Muslims. Urdu speaking nation must be given this opportunity to prove their strength and ability to survive as an independent nation under the umbrella of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR.

We should not trust Punjab or Punjabi army for various reasons. These Punjabis can never be friends of those whom they find more educated, intelligent and able. The British Empire had labelled these Punjabis as "BEST SERVANTS ON EARTH" several years ago. This is for this reason that the current Punjabi establishment is providing its best services to their foreign masters in order to enjoy their own brutal rule under the artificial banner of socalled "PAKISTAN".

I request all political forces representing Urdu speaking nation to join hands to form an independent state called REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR. Any further delay will make the Urdu speaking nation suffer more and more in the coming years.


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