Tuesday, 25 August 2009


In view of the fact that a debate has been sparked recently on various Pakistani TV Channels on the subject of certain conspiracies which had emerged during the early 1990s in Pakistan concerning making of Republic of Jinnahpur by MQM (Mohajir Qaumi Movement), Syed Jamaluddin, author of "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" (the most famous book ever written on the topic of Jinnahpur) has condemned allegations by the political leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (N) against MQM. Syed Jamaluddin has drawn the attention of Pakistani people towards his book "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" in which he has categorically written that Jinnahpur is a reality. Time has finally exposed this reality through the mouth of a retired army officer. Syed Jamaluddin has reiterated his plans to win the hearts of Urdu speaking nation and political leadership of MQM in his campaign to form Republic of Jinnahpur thereby paving way for disintegration of Pakistan by 2012. Syed Jamaluddin has said that he firmly believes that Jinnahpur shall become a reality in the nearest future. Pakistan has lost its credibility as a country. Pakistan's existence is conditional upon success of NATO forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan is a failed state by all means. There is no justice, democracy or rule of law in Pakistan. Pakistan is already divided into several parts internally. Even Prime Minister is having hard time in tackling issues about division of Punjab province as an attempt to save Pakistan from further disintegration.

Syed Jamaluddin has requested all Pakistani TV Channels to contact him on tel
+49-1747061641 so as to enable him to express his opinion about the need of Jinnahpur and its possible formation in the coming years. Syed Jamaluddin has requested all Pakistani TV Channels to exercise impartiality and allow him to describe the background of Jinnahpur in true perspective. Syed Jamaluddin is also author of "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" which was published in November 2006.



Izhan-cutie said...

Dear Mr. Jamaluddin,
Please shut the hell up and if you or for that matter, your incapable team MQM, do not have enough guts to make Pakistan a better country, then please go help your wife in her house hold chores. You, with your very little brain may be of any help there.

We are the blessed ones. Pakistan is our country. If MQM is that real good, please ask them to go and discover their own state and let this land be purified.

We were blessed with this country on 27th of Ramadam. We were, are and will be one nation. No filthy party such as MQM can ever divide it.


Nadeem said...

You traiter of MQM, who is on your back? Was altaf Hussain asked you to write such book.

Have a little shame. You are the people who migrated from India and got every facility from Pakistan, where you had the right to kill, burn and do all sorts of crimes and now you actually comming out with such ideat idea. feel shame you selfish.

Major (rtd) Nadeem Dar

Ami said...


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siddiqi said...

mr jamal uddin is a fake identity.
he is from india, karnataka. izhan and nadeem are the STUPID MF punjabis who are so dumb that they blame everythig on MQM.
can you see INDIAN color on his FACE, MOUTH..

mehmoodghaznavi said...

sharam ker beghairat.. hum pukhtoon apnay Pakistan apni zameen se aisa piar kertay hain jaisay emaan se aisa ehteram kertay hain jaisay maa ka. to kuttay ki terha bhonkta rahay ga or kuttay ki mout maray ga. tum apni shaitani team MQM k saath or apnay dajjal haamaan (Altaf)k sath mil ker zara qadam to othaoo zara koshish to karo Pakistan tornay ki hum pathan to logon ko ager kaat kaat ker baheera-e-arab me na gira deen to hum pathanoon ko chorian pehna dena.
kameenon to log to hindu thay hamaray baap da da Mehmood ghaznawi ne tum logon ko musalmaan banaya tha tum loog talwaar ki darr se musalmaan howay thay is liyy hindu ki terha tum logon ki shakleen hain or herkateen bhee sazisheen be un ki terha kertay ho tum loog Pakistan jab arahay thay to sikhoon ne or hinduon ne tumharai maa betion ki ezzat loti thee us se paida howay ho tm loog is liyy harami hoo or haramion walay kaam kerty hon. you people are the uglest people in the world you mother fuker muhajir kuttoon

ghapata said...

Salaam-e-Jamil to all
we r pakistani plz dont divide us in sect also v r Muslims first then pakistani.

Eraj said...

hmm great site for All indian and pakistani tv channels, bookmarked it
keep it up man! ;)