Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Pakistan´s disintegration seems to be not very far as the country is currently facing most critical situation in terms of its indepedence. Making new provinces are going to pave way for the making of 6 or 7 new states in South Asia as predicted and proposed by SYED JAMALUDDIN back in 2001. Karachi will now become REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR in the nearest future for the reasons as mentioned by Syed Jamaluddin in his book titled "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR". The whole world is now more focused on new countries which will emerge on world´s map in 2013. Republic of Jinnahpur shall be one of such new countries.

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Anonymous said...

Asalamo Alykum,

Sir, at first glance I thought you were a secular, but when I read your post addressing Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza, I was impressed with the style of your reference to Prophet Muhammed Pbuh and Islamic history of migration.

I have full sympathy with the Muhajirs if they are facing persecution in Sindh, but Sir, the Muslims worldwide are striving for the reunion of all the Muslim states, i.e. the Khilafah, and what you are striving for is the exact opposite, i.e. further disintegration, and that is really sad.

Muslims should not be divided or persecuted on the basis of color, cast, language or region. If anyone is doing that with the Muhajirs, it is extremely wrong, and your fight against this persecution would be a Jihad in itself and a credit for you in the Hereafter, Insha Allah. But your solution of a separate state is against Islam and the strength of the Muslim Nation and will demerit you in the Hereafter in the Eyes of Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammed Pbuh and Qaid-e-Azam.

In the name of Allah Almighty, think deeply of what I have said and also do an Isthekhara for your future plans. Do not ask anyone else to do it, do it yourself, whether you say prayers five times a day or not. Allah Almighty is always close-by to give Guidance, with the only condition that we listen to Him and respond to His demands.