Thursday, 7 February 2013


Syed Jamaluddin has urged INDIA to act faster than before in helping URDU-SPEAKING NATION living in Karachi and other urban areas of Sindh province of Pakistan in making of an independent state called "REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" which has now become more INEVITABLE for the reason that Pakistan´s military establishment controlled by PUNJAB is making plans to counter all plans paving way for the formation of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR and abandoning the representative voice of Urdu-speaking nation i.e. MOHAJIR (temporarily MUTAHIDA) QAUMI MOVEMENT headed by ALTAF HUSSAIN. Syed Jamaluddin has cautioned that the PUNJAB´s military establishment wants to corner the Urdu-speaking nation and eliminate MQM from the streets of Karachi through a GUERILLA WAR being imposed on Karachiites through TALIBANIZED factions of Pathan and Punjabi policital parties which are operating under the superivision of INTELLIGENCE BUREAU and INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE. Syed Jamaluddin has appealed to ALTAF HUSSAIN not to ignore the very fact that he (Altaf Hussain) has never been acknowledged as a true Pakistani either by Punjab province or Punjab´s Army. In ISI´s records, ALTAF HUSSAIN IS TREATED AS YET ANOTHER SHAIKH MUJEEBUR REHMAN of Bangladesh. Henceforth, it would be advisable if ALTAF HUSSAIN is able to understand exactly WHATS GOING ON AROUND MOHAJIR NATION in the province of Sindh. Syed Jamaluddin also pointed out that since the day GWADAR PORT construction started, there was provision of PROPER SECURITY and no terrorist attack was recorded at the construction site of GWADAR PORT because heavy contingent of Punjab´s army was deployed to restore security of all Chinese engineers and other workers in that area. Despite the fact that hundreds of Mohajirs were deprived of proper security in Karachi and other urban areas in Sindh province, Gwadar port area remained under strict vigilance by Punjab Army which made it possible that the said GWADAR port be constructed in order to not only prevent making of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR on one hand but to abandon any "potential armed movement" by MOHAJIR NATION for their independence in 2014 or 2015. The Pakistani intelligence reports have confirmed that Balochistan would be liberated in 2015 under the leadership of JOHN KERRY (the new American Secretary of State)and so making of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR may also become possible as a consequence of possible disintegration of Spain in 2015 where Catalonia is looking forward for independence. Karachi is PAKISTAN´S CATALONIA and KOSOVO and therefore in order to combat this possibility, Punjab Army is making innovative plans to control Karachi through aerial attacks including use of CHINESE DRONES which will fly from GWADAR PORT where a specific airbase has been constructed for this purpose. There are more than 100 targets already registered by PAKISTAN´s INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE for such drone attacks. MQM´s Karachi headquarter known as "90" is also one of these potential TARGETS. Syed Jamaluddin has drawn the attention of MQM towards the importance of self-reliance and therefore asked ALTAF HUSSAIN to ensure that Karachi remains under the control of MOHAJIR NATION despite all efforts being made by State of Pakistan to create hurdles and hindrances for MQM to win people´s vote. Syed Jamaluddin has asked ALTAF HUSSAIN to immediately announce liberation movement to make an indepedent state called REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR as also advocated by Syed Jamaluddin in his book titled "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR". The people of Karachi and other urban areas of Sindh must prepare themselves for the PUNJABI CRUSADE against Mohajirs. The Operation Cleanup of 1992 will look like a CHILD´S PLAY because a MASSIVE GENOCIDE has alreday been planned by PUNJAB ARMY to crush MOHAJIRS and convert them into URDU-SPEAKING ASIAN PALESTINIANS. ALTAF HUSSAIN MUST ANNOUNCE "EMERGENCY WITHIN MQM" and issue orders to all MQM workers to prepare an EFFECTIVE ACTION PLAN to combat all possible attacks. ALTAF HUSSAIN must also inform all world leaders about potential attacks on people of Karachi in the name of ELIMINATION OF TERRORISM by Pakistan´s Punjabi Army. Syed Jamaluddin has asked INDIAN GOVERNMENT to intervene urgently and ensure that REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR is made within next 24 months. Syed Jamaluddin has cautioned that if MQM shows reluctance in this matter, it would be too late as Karachi will become yet another NORTH WAZIRISTAN of Sindh province. PUNJAB WANTS TO KEEP ITS OWN ECONOMY RUNNING AND ALIVE THROUGH GWADAR PORT because PUNJAB knows that making of REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR is INEVITABLE. Syed Jamaluddin has requested all URDU-SPEAKING YOUTH not to waste time in music or social enjoyment but to prepare for a massive sacrifice. Time to enjoy life is OVER for urdu-speaking nation. Now is the time to look for SURVIVAL.

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