Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I just dont understand as to why Altaf Hussain is still giving space to PUNJABI RANGERS in the urban centres of Sindh province. Karachi and Hyderabad are collectively having population of urdu speaking nation to the extent of 20 million. I am surprised as to why MQM has not yet declared war against PUNJABI RANGERS in these cities. If I would have been in place of Altaf Hussain, I would have long given call for mass murders of all PUNJABI RANGERS on the streets of Karachi and Hyderabad so much so that bodies of dead PUNJABI RANGERS would have been sent back to Punjab in pieces. I still wonder the philosophy of Altaf Hussain to spare PUNJABI RANGERS who had been openly violating human rights in Karachi and Hyderabad since last many years and particularly during the last one year at the behest of Punjabi Chief of Army Staff who is busy in being photographed with his American Masters in USA. If Altaf Hussain is a true leader of urdu speaking nation, time has come that he should give call for an independent state for urdu speaking nation instead of undergoing yet another useless experiment of staying in the socalled ''main stream politics of Pakistan''. The question is ''FOR WHAT?'' Altaf Hussain thinks that still urdu speaking nation must shed more blood and get more youth killed in Karachi and Hyderabad? If this is what Altaf Hussain wants, then we must all forget of any independence and rather pray for death of Altaf Hussain so that next person to become head of MQM must respond to the brutalities committed by PUNJABI RANGERS and declare WAR OF INDEPENDENCE against Pakistan. Regardless of Nawaz government or any other future government which may rule Pakistan, this is for sure that urdu speaking nation will remain isolated and under the Punjabi military siege with this and that pretext. I urge all urdu speaking youth to get up and confront PUNJABI RANGERS on the streets of Karachi and Hyderabad as soon as possible before its too late. We must ensure that PUNJABI RANGERS are eliminated like sacrificial animals and parts of their bodies are returned to Punjab in plastic bags so that no Punjabi would ever think of visiting Karachi/Hyderabad again. Once we gain independence, Punjabis can surely visit our independent land by obtaining visa.

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