Thursday, 10 April 2008


Syed Jamaluddin's new book under publication in the USA


Zeeshan said...

This is a great idea, I realy appreciate your thinking. Form a group of people to start working for Our Beloved Jinnah Pur

Pakistani said...

I am Urdu speaking but this doesn't make me disloyal to Pakistan. Military rule is not the problem of Urdu speaking ppl alone.. its the problem of whole pakistan. I wonder from where is this guy getting funding? India? RAW?
Jis thalee main khatay ho usee main chaidh kartay ho kiya?

Aamir said...

What is great idea is this? I am URDU Speaking and love to PAKISTAN and I am very proud of Pakistan and I hate those people who love these ideas.

muno said...

pleas stop selling this fucking idea.i have alot of urdu speaking friends from karachi,many baloch friends, many saraiki class fellows, none of them wants to have anything like separate country.these are the only foreign funded so called leaders like you, altaf, brahamdagh , harabyar, etc who want all this.none of them is in pakistan, why? if u r so much loyal to ur ppl then why are u sitting out of country and saying all this. just go to karachi and call the ppl n see how many join u.Altaf hussain is always shedding tears on phone, if he is so such loyal and passionate to mahajars then he should come to karachi, and fight for the poverty of's very easy to say all this while u r sitting in ambiante weather of london or paris, but in reality it's very difficlt to realize on grounds. look MQM has been the part of musharaf govt and now it's the part of pppp govt. sindh governor is from mqm, many ministers in sindh are from mqm, but still altaf is not coming to karachi. u know why? Imran khan gives the answer to this question. because he has committed so much attrocities to ppl to karachi now he is afraid of being killed by these oppressed ppl.i can say alot but i request u stop playing in the hands of foreign powers. and stop taking money from RAW mosad and cia.

jahanzaib said...

Assalam Alaikum

I am a pakistani citizen and a member of Muttahida Quami Movement but we will not support this man and his ideology, this is a propoganda war against Urdu Speaking peoples and MQM who lives in whole sindh, this man is only funded and supported by Establishment of Pakistan and the Establishment supported political and political religious parties, speacially PPP and PMLN, they are following their 3 point strategy against Urdu Speaking peoples and MQM (ISOLATION , CRIMINALIZATION, DEMORALIZATION) so 90% of feudal political parties affiliated article writers, tv channels, tv anchors, and feudal cultured and fedualist political parties and at their behalf establishment of Pakistan is following this strategy for Urdu Speaking peoples who not only lives in karachi but from Karachi to Sukkur. Brg.Haroon Asif has announced that during army operation against MQM they found maps of jinnahpur, and after one week ISPR denies their own aligation on MQM and Altaf Hussain. So please don't support such kind of peoples and those who are supporting these peoples does not belongs to Urdu Speaking and Muttahida Quami Movement they all are the agents of these Political parties whose entire buidling is erected on lie.

And Imran Khan will tell the truth that he is also among one of those supporting criminal assets placed in Karachi by the help of Establishment for target killing of innocent peoples of Karachi and Altaf Hussain. Clear your misunderstanding that after Altaf Hussain self exile he never comes and come back Pakistan then i want to tell those fool peoples that Altaf Hussain after his self exile has arrived twice in Karachi from London and has addressed a world record gathering at Mazar-e-Quaid for those who denis this so please consult Guiness book of world record for complete setisfaction. Everybody knows that all the criminals those are present in Karachi are not karachi residence nor urdu speakers. Imran Khan Zani and his leader Nawabz Sharif is a very sincire man like other feudals and capitalist peoples in Pakistan because he supports Taliban and Talibanization those are behading soldiers, kidnapped peoples from all around Pakistan and creating a state in state and they want to give them complete opportunity to kill those who don't support their ideology. If any one has any proof that mqm or altaf hussain involves in any attrocities then why they don't register a case in british court like Imran Khan and then see how british court dismis your fake proofs and fake aligations, any one want to register a case against us then please contact us we will provide complete security, and hold all your expenditure on our behalf, and when you lose your case we will not claim any kind of punishment against you from british court for spreading propoganda against us, we will forgive you.


Allah Hafiz

haseeb said...

ing idea i ever heared.
down with u pakistan ummmmmah.
mahajir doesn't need this as m also muhajir.
make it in your dreams

pakistan zindabad

wajahat said...

i'm also a muhajir, but this idea is just shit, why we fought for seperate homeland in india gave huge sacrificies???? just for this balqanization? to separate a muslim nuclear power into small pieces of land, which will be surely under indian influence, military rule was for all pakistanis and for ur info ayub and yahya were pathans and musharaff was our muhajir bhai only zia was punjabi and he belong to indian punjab, so why should we blame punjab for miltry rule? we must realize that together we are separate we are nothing aur hamara haal wohi hoga jo usmani khialafat k sath hua, i know u r being funded by raw, i just could say that shame on u on being muslim and shame on u to call ur self muhajir. Allah hamari sohni dharti ko tum jese mir jaffaroon se mehfooz rakhay amin