Sunday, 6 April 2008


What I am saying is very simple. Urdu-speaking people living in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and other cities in the province of Sindh (Pakistan) deserve their own country. An independent country for Urdu-speaking people will solve their economic problems on one hand and provide an environment of freedom from the military dictatorship of Punjab province on the other. Time has now come that the cruel domination of Punjab must end by all means. The Punjabi military has been ruling Pakistan ever since its inception. The Urdu-speaking great leaders who had struggled for the freedom of Pakistan were brutally murdered as part of the Punjabi conspiracy to hijack the country. It has become inevitable now that Punjab should no longer be given the right or power to continue its control on other smaller provinces of Pakistan. At least Sindhis, Pathans and Balochis have some of their regional identities but the Urdu-speaking people have been compelled to become Sindhis which is not possible. Urdu-speaking people have their own identity and worth. It is not possible for Urdu-speaking people to become part of Sindh. This attempt to make Urdu-speaking people part of Sindh has always failed. This fact that Urdu-speaking people are independent in their thinking and are able to represent themselves more effectively if they are independent, should be accepted and recognized by the whole world. One cannot force a French person to become German or a Czech citizen to become Spanish or a Polish citizen to become Russian, similarly, one should also not force an Urdu-speaking citizen to become Sindhi. Urdu language is much different from Sindhi language. Not only language, there is glaring difference in terms of culture, traditions, national character, vision, approach, mindset and above all religious thinking. Indeed Sindhis are brothers of Urdu-speaking people in their joint effort to get rid of Punjab's political domination through achieving independence of Jinnahpur and Sindhudesh. Urdu-speaking people cannot be forced to stay with Sindhis forever and without their own right of freedom. Both Urdu-speaking people and Sindhis deserve their respective identities through formation of Jinnahpur and Sindhudesh. Both these nations are not ready to remain under the umbrella of socalled Pakistan which is nothing but a political colony of Punjab. This colony must, therefore, disintegrate without any further delay.

If other separatist movements in the world are accepted and acknowledged worldwide, movement for a free and independent state for Urdu-speaking people currently living under dictatorial siege of Pakistan army should also be embraced by the United States of America and other Western nations. If Kosovo can get independence in 21st century, why not Urdu-speaking people of Pakistan can get their own country called Republic of Jinnahpur. Urdu-speaking people are also intelligent, educated, hardworking and politically sound to fight for their independence in the 21st century. Urdu-sepaking people should not be under estimated or considered as any regional minority of Pakistan. Urdu-speaking people represent the most educated class in the presently undivided Pakistan. When it come to educational statistics of Pakistan in the field of education, the contribution of Urdu-speaking people is upto 80%. It must be noted that Pakistan without Urdu-speaking people is nothing but a jungle of illiterates from Punjab and people in uniform who have hijacked this country for the economic betterment of military dictators along with Punjabi bureacracy and their families.

Republic of Jinnahpur shall be an economic capital of South Asia which will beat Dubai and Singapore on one hand and become a great place for foreign investment on the other. The deserving people of Republic of Jinnahpur will have job opportunities because of billions of dollars of foreign investment which is at present hindred because of terrorist activities sponsored by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and other military sponsored organizations. Such terrorist activities conducted by Pakistan's ISI and other military sponsored militant organizations have rather blocked the economic progress of Karachi which in turn have created hurdles for the deserving educated Urdu-speaking class to invite foreign investment into Karachi. It is only possible if Karachi gets its independence and formation of Republic of Jinnahpur shall ensure that the deserving Urdu-speaking people will get their right of progress and prosperity under the banner of an independent country called Republic of Jinnahpur.

Pakistan has been declared a failed state and therefore remaining part of Pakistan means declaring ourselves as failed too. Urdu-speaking people of Karachi cannot be classified as failed because it is due to them that Pakistan has been surviving so far. Had there been no educated class making contribution towards Pakistan's economic growth in the last 60 years, Pakistan would not have reached to the level where it is now. However, due to its political failure and its inability to remain as a sovereign state, Pakistan is very close to its disintegration. In such a situation, it would not be ideal for Urdu-speaking people to remain intact with Pakistan. Rather, it is important that Urdu-speaking people should initiate their fight for freedom while Pathans, Balochis and Sindhis should follow suit. Republic of Jinnahpur can establish a precedence for freedom of all nations currently suffering under the military siege of Punjab.

When I say "Punjab", I do not intend to include those great people of Punjab who consider themselves as Ghulaman-e-Ahl-e-Bait (Servants of Holy Prophet Muhammad SA, His beloved daughter Hazrat Bibi Fatima AS, His loyal son-in-law Hazrat Ali AS, His beloved grand sons Hassan AS and Hussain AS) and also the Seraiki nation who were wrongfully made part of Punjab province by the cruel Punjabi politicians in order to gain monetary gains by manipulating the total population of Punjab province. Even after 60 years, the Seraiki belt has been economically kept backward while poor Punjabi servants of Ahl-e-Bait were deprived of their constitutional right of serving in the Pakistan Army because of Wahabi-oriented policies made by Asian Hitler called General Zia-ul-Haq back in 1979 which kept Shia and true Barelvi Sunni Muslims away from army jobs. The doors of Republic of Jinnahpur shall remain open for such Punjabi brothers forever.

As for the Pathans, Balochis and Sindhis, I would like to convey my message to them that they should also get up from long sleep. The Punjabi military killed several Pathan freedom fighters, Baloch freedom fighters and even stabbed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who had brought back home 90,000 Punjabi Prisoners of War. The brutality of Punjabi military can be evaluated on the basis of their one single act that they stabbed and killed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was their rescuer from Indian prison. Not only this, the Punjabi military recently killed Benazir Bhutto in order to wipe her off from the political scene to keep the status quo alive. The murder of Bhuttos should be sufficient for the Sindhis to wake up and get their own independence from Pakistan by forming Sindhudesh. Similarly, independent Pakhtoonistan and Balochistan should also appear on the world map in the nearest future.

The Urdu-speaking people are peace-loving people in true perspective. They dont want any confrontation, however, they have their right to defend themselves against the brutality of Punjabi army. The Urdu-speaking people shall not become victim of yet another Operation Cleanup which was once conducted by Punjabi army in 1992. Nawaz Sharif and his Punjabi political team of hypocrites cannot succeed in their conspiracy to regain substantial power again although they have just swallowed a bitter pill of shaking hands with Asif Zardari, a Sindhi man and spouse of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. It is important that Asif Zardari should immediately understand conspiracy and hidden agenda of Nawaz Sharif and his political team of hypocrites who do not possess any sympathy or love for any nation otherthan typical Wahabi minded Punjabis. Nawaz Sharif is only waiting for the right time to confront Asif Zardari and as such Nawaz Sharif will definitely attempt to get into Pakistan's National Assembly through a by-election and thereafter challenge Asif Zardari and Bhuttos' Sindh-based political party called Peoples' Party. I cannot accept for any reason that Nawaz Sharif or his political team of hypocrites would ever accept any Sindhi, Pathan, Baloch or Urdu-speaking person to become Pakistan's prime minister. This is impossible for any Punjabi hypocrite like Nawaz Sharif to extend his hand for cooperation or affection towards any Sindhi, Pathan, Baloch or Urdu-speaking person in the name of socalled political reconciliation. I ask all the politicians from Pakhtoonistan, Balochistan, Seraiki belt and Sindhudesh not to believe Nawaz Sharif and his false promises of mutual cooperation or other similar sweet slogans. A snake is always a snake. Nawaz Sharif cannot be trusted.

The Last Word
I want all Urdu-speaking people living in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and other parts of Sindh to become active members of JINNAHPUR LIBERATION MOVEMENT. This movement shall be non-militant and non-violent in reality. This movement shall be run by Urdu-speaking intellectuals, educationists, workers, students, businessmen and politicians. This movement shall be peaceful and totally committed for creating international awareness about the great demand for an independent state called Republic of Jinnahpur by the Urdu-speaking people living under military siege of Pakistan army.


Shia Muslims said...

Sslaam o alaykum. .

Sir, i dont think it is fair for a creed which is only 60 years old on somebody else's land to demand a seperate homeland. .

I knwo that Karachiites would benifit . . but . . they are not like Dubai people . . here people are emotional towards problems of Islamic world. .

In case of cessation from Pakistan these people would immediately start challanging the domination of ISTEMAR / Imperialist powers. . and thus would be in direct confrontation with half of the world

Shia Muslims said...

Further bhaijan I would like to say that Sindhis would never allow the Mohaijirs to make a seperate state. .

Instead they would the Urdu speakers to go back to india

Shia Muslims said...

I just finished reading your post and By God i just discovered that you are a shia . .. I wonder why Shia Muslim hate Pakistan . may be they love Iran. .

And yes one more request that please allow the posts to appear instantly . . as this current system is rigid n against freedom of expressions . ..

Last word is that Shia is an ardent nation and if jinnahpur is created they would love to work as Iranian proxies in that state and combine their force to take a confrontational stance towards U.S. Israel and EU . . .

muhammed said...

Frankly speaking I dont know whether to support this move or oppose.
I'm named after Quaid e Azam.
Though not in the same league as the illustrious founder of Pakistan, I have great respect for him.
He had a wonderful vision of a new state.
But with what is happening nowadays, I'm gravitating to the idea that creation of Jinnahpur will be better than the present chaos we're in.

mughalstan said...

Sindhis will oppose jinnahpur more than the punjabis because they know sindh without karachi is nothing.
sindhudesh and jinnahpur will always be at logger heads.
sindhis only made alliance with urdu speakers to counter punjabis and not to help them create a different nation out of urban sindh.

Zuby said...

I don't mean to bother you, but I had to come over and say something in response; otherwise I'll be kicking myself for days &
you know what A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions, so keep going.
I don't care who you are and who you have got with you but i have got a few word for you and for your allies you will never succeed in your plans of dismembering Pakistan as long as i have blood in my body or a bullet in my gun.

Addy said...

Sounds like more fuel on the fire!

Pakistan is already in deep shit, n u want to create an uprising :/

Jamsheed Raza said...

Seperate states ... ??? Well I have put question marks. To me, autonomy should be given to provinces and provinces must be divided. Eg. Punjab into South, Centeral and Saraikstan, Sindh into Sindhudesh and Jinnahpur, Pukhtunistan into Upper and Lower Pukhtunistan (whatever the name may be), Balochistan into SOuth and NOrth Balochistan, while FATA, FANA, etc. etc. should be given provincial status.

As far as secterian segregation is concerned, no one can doubt that presently pakistan is divided into Deoband, Barailvi and Shia school of thoughts. The later two are nonvoilent while the former is voilent.

uzair said...

salamz all brothers ,
i m very sad to know that u want a seperate home . Pakistan is our prime homeland for which our elders sacrificed everything whatever they have even their lifes, they had sacrificed almost 2,000,000 lifes for having this home where we can live according to our will , according to our rules n regulations and with dignity.
u want to seperate this pak country

shame on u guys

punjab said...

Only a traitor can create such a junk website, yes Punjab does rule because it generates over 3/4 of the gross revenue of Pakistan, karachi only collects most of it as the port is there and many Punjabi owned buisness head offices are there, Punjabis are most loyal to Pakistan followed by Pathans and never talk against the federation, if u don't like it here go back to India where u came from

punjab said...

Only a traitor can come up with site like this, Punjab generates 3/4 of the revenue of Pakistan and karachi only collects the most part of it as the port and many Punjabi owned head offices are there, check your stats on more than half the buisness owned and run by Punjabis have there commercial head office and thus tax collection in karachi,u can go back to India where u can from if u don't like it here

Nazish Abbasi said...

you, yourself dont wanna mix up and there is Lack of acceptance in some of you migrated muslims
you yourself use word "Muhajirs" with you till now i have never listen this word more from punjabis as i had listen it from migrated muslims

i take pitty on you kind of people

the energy you and your typo guys, wastes on separation can be utilized for betterment of pakistan

Nazish Abbasi

urdu said...


Ammad said...


Punjab is the land of Punjabis, they have been living in this part of the world before creation of Pakistan or even moghul empires.

Sindhi's are inhabitants of Sindh sionce ages.

Baloch tribes love a nomadic and tough life style, therefore they chose the present Balochistan area for themselves, Its their home for centuries.

Pathan and Hazara's are inhabitants of KYP ( prev. NWFP ), Mountains and tough climate bearers , a tough and Pakistan loving nation. Therefore KYP is their home.

Now lets talk about Urdu speakers. We have great respect for migrants who left their houses and everything to join the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1947.

Karachi is named after (Mai Kulanchi) A baloch tribe woman, therefore Balochh people were the ones who initially started living living in Karachi, later it was declared a part of Sind, Though it is a link to both Sind and Balochistan.

Urdu Speakers ( Left their homes in present day India ) They were welcomed in Karachi by the local residents. they settled worked and raised their families there. They still are living happily in Karachi and consider the entire Pakistan as their home. We do not have any doubt in the loyalty and love for Pakistan

If you really think that you have this kind of beef against Punjab and rest of the Pakistan, Do yourself a favour.

Get your ugly, stupid, tricky, deceitful, dark( from in and outside) stinking ass out of Pakistan, and take along altaf hussain and whoever corny son of a b**ch wants to to, with you.

You are a disgrace to Pakistan , Islam and Humanity itself. Look at yourself in the mirror and then eat shit and DIE.

chamanabbas said...

i m very sad to know that u want a seperate home . Pakistan is our prime homeland for which our elders sacrificed everything whatever they have even their lifes, they had sacrificed almost 2,000,000 lifes for having this home where we can live according to our will , according to our rules n regulations and with dignity.
u want to seperate this pak country

LongLivePak said...

Mr. Who ever u r, but one thing is for sure u r on some one's pay role for writting such blogs. Daydreamers like u will never succeed in ur malicious designs. Go to hell with ur theories. Pakistan is meant to live and will live despite the Great game of world powers and moles like u. By the way why don't u write something on Zionist state Israel which is greatest threat to global peace. I know u will never write a word about ur Masters.

Sindhi said...

You better join hands with us the Sindhis to make Sindhudesh to live peacefully. Jinnahpur is not and shall not be in favor of urdu speaking people as urdu-speaking sindhis are spread all over Sindh from Ghotki to Karachi, surrounded by SIndhi speaking population all over the province.