Monday, 30 May 2011


Syed Jamaluddin, writer of "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR" has condemned the attitude of Altaf Hussian, founder of MQM by saying that he (Altaf Hussain) has become a tool in the hands of certain faction of Pakistan´s military establishment. Syed Jamaluddin has criticised Altaf Hussain of exploiting the vote bank of Urdu speaking people living in urban centres of Sindh by doing traditional politics like Punjabis and Sindhis i.e. power politics. Syed Jamaluddin said that Altaf Hussain was never a man to love power in the past but now he (Altaf Hussain) is a Great Lover of power whether it may come by becoming a tout of Punjabi military. Syed Jamaluddin claimed that Altaf Hussain had accepted a huge amount as DOWRY from his political spouse called PERVEZ MUSHARRAF and agreed to pledge the honor of urdu speaking nation by becoming a political spouse of Punjabi establishment. This political marriage of MQM and Punjabi Military Establishment will not last long and one day, a DOVORCE must be filed by either of them. Syed Jamaluddin asked some questions:

1. Why is it that MQM has acted like a political prostitute in the recent past by changing its positions every now and then?

2. Why Altaf Hussain has become a KHALIFA or a MEHDI of this century firstly by forgiving the Punjabi military establishment which had slaughtered 15000 urdu speaking youth during the OEPRATION CLEAN-UP back in the early 1990s and secondly by forgiving the "paid spies and touts" of Punjabi military (MQM-HAQIQI) who played a crucial role in murder of these innocent 15000 urdu speaking youth during the said OPERATION CLEAN-UP?

3. Is Altaf Hussain not acting like a DON? Does he (Altaf Hussain) not think that he (Altaf Hussain) is the only supreme decision maker inside MQM and the socalled RABTA COMMITTEE is not more than a joke?

4. If Altaf Hussain has nothing to hide from his people in Karachi, why he (Altaf Hussain) does not give his own PLAN OF RETURN TO PAKISTAN to people of Karachi?

5. If Altaf Hussain is so desperate about the "existence and security of Pakistan", why he (Altaf Hussain) wishes to live thousands miles away from his "homeland"?

6. How long will Altaf Hussain take to confess that he (Altaf Hussain) would NEVER return to Pakistan but only to REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR?

Syed Jamaluddin has further elaborated that Altaf Hussain is fully convinced of his (Syed Jamaluddin´s) arguments in support of making REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR but he (Altaf Hussain) does not want to reflect his inner feeling about this issue as long as Pakistan does not reach to the climax of its own disintegration. Syed Jamaluddin claimed that Altaf Hussain is also as convinced as he (Syed Jamaluddin) is that Pakistan will soon disintegrate. However, Altaf Hussain is following the footsteps of ABU SUFYAN i.e. to accept the fact when it reaches to the door finally.

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Nadim Ahmed said...

please read the book urdu-nation available on internet. all the Muslims of India must unite under the banner of Urdu Qaum